Gravity Proof


Gravity Proof is a performance and mission to prepare and cook bread in space. This multi-part work includes an experimental performance on a parabolic flight, film, and zero g bread recipes.

Inspired by ancient recipes and archaeological bread remains, this exploration reimagines the cosmic past, present, and future of bread.

Parabolic flights reproduce gravity-free conditions in an aircraft through a parabolic maneuver of alternating upward and downward arcs interspersed with level flight. They provide a microgravity environment for scientists to conduct research without going into space. For this work, this environment was used to produce experimental methods to capture the materials, processes, and sensory attributes of bread in weightlessness, and to speculate on the future of  bread as it ventures off our home planet.

A custom baking spacesuit was made through a collaboration with Addison Söder, Söder Studio in London, UK. Among its many custom features for baking in zero gravity is a built-in toolbelt, an apron that floats in weightlessness—transforming into a wearable countertop, and poof sleeves that rise like bread.

001: Archeological Bread

002: Zero G Dough

003: Space Bread

Zero gravity bread recipes were made in collaboration with the R&D division of the restaurant Alchemist in Copenhagen, Denmark. Working within the parameters of space travel, experimental methods were designed to keep a sourdough starter alive, in addition to prototypes for special packaging for mixing dry ingredients in weightlessness. 


Video and graphics: Nancy Valladares
Spacesuit design: Addison Söder, Söder Studio

Supported by: MIT Space Exploration Initiative

Special thanks: