Unidentified Food Objects


Unidentified Food Objects imagines past, present, and future foodways on and off Earth. It pushes the boundaries of space food to inspire a new field of interplanetary gastronomy that questions both what is possible and what is desirable. 

The series features speculative objects and recipes. The book and limited edition prints were printed using risography by ppppress at MIT.  

Solar Cooking

Sourdough Rocket

Gravity Proof

Champagne, Elderflower, and Violet Space Jelly
Recipe contributed by Bompas & Parr

Astronaut Hot Sauce

Martian Ceramics

Space Food Helmet

Exhibition view at Science, Technology, and Society, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, curated by Caitlin Lai, Taipei, Taiwan. 


Illustrations: Yilan Gao
Prints: Jesus Ocampo & Felix Li, ppppress

Supported by: MIT Space Exploration Initiative

Special thanks: 
Jesus Ocampo